Work Order Management

Work Order Creation: 

PropertyTRAK makes it possible for the facility manager to turn service requests into work orders in less than 60 seconds, no matter where he or she is located. The PropertyTRAK Unified Messaging system dispatches the call to all relevant parties instantly over SMS text messaging, email or through the PropertyTRAK communication system.

And, because the system is web-based, the facility manager can stay in touch with facility operations over the Internet. This can be done using any device that accesses the Internet, including smart phones, tablets, and PDAs.

Service Requests: An employee or a tenant creates a Service Request – the first step in creating a work order – by accessing the PropertyTRAK web site and entering the nature of the problem. The service request is then automatically routed to the Facility Coordinator (facility manager) who turns the request into a work order that can be given to either a staff member or a vendor or both.

The vendor or staff person is notified of the work order assignment in the same manner that the facility coordinator is notified of the service request– an email and text message is sent to them. The vendor can elect to accept or reject the work order. The facility coordinator is notified either way.

Custom fields: By using a checklist with custom fields on the work order form, staff can ensure that work orders capture critical data for equipment or other types of work orders. Custom data can be specified as numeric or text, required or not, within certain ranges, or as a selection from a drop-down list.