Project Management

PropertyTRAK project management enables the facility manager to function like a project manager.
Frequently, facility managers are called on to manage projects. Projects include any larger activities that involve multiple steps or tasks that have budgets, timeframes and deliverables. PropertyTRAK project management makes it much easier for the Facility Manager to get this process under control.

The facility manager can set up a project with a start date and end date along with overall cost. Tasks can also be associated with the project. Each task can have its own start and end date along with a budget for material and labor expenses along with labor hours.

Each task can be set up as an independent activity or as a task step that is dependent on another task. PropertyTRAK also provides a Gantt Chart which gives the property manager a visual critical path scheduling tool. This makes it easier for the facility manager to visually track the progress of the project, ensuring the delivery of resources to the project in a timely and cost effective manner.