Preventative Maintenance

PropertyTRAK preventive maintenance software enables the facility manager to easily create tasks that can be assigned to staff personnel or vendors. These tasks are associated with equipment items in the enterprise and can be set up as “one-off” exercises or as activities that are repeated regularly over weeks, months or years.

This functionality lays the foundation for maximizing the useful life of an expensive asset like a roof-top chiller or an expensive run of carpet because it ensures that all systems associated with the asset are operating as designed and maintained according to manufacturer’s recommendations.



The powerful company calendar makes it easy for the facility manager to review all past, current or future preventive maintenance tasks that are scheduled for the maintenance team or vendors.





PropertyTRAK preventive maintenance can also create work orders that generate messages to staff personnel alerting them of the pending preventive maintenance tasks. The view on the calendar can be arranged by property, by division or by day, week or month. From the calendar the property manager can easily drill down to a specific work order to check the details of the order.